What You Don't Know (About Codes and Contracts) Can Hurt You! (CIESSDK16)

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During this course that includes articles, quizzes and 1-hour of highly informative video, Guy Timberlake of The American Small Business Coalition looks at contracting and procurement terminology seen and heard daily by contractors of every size, discipline, agency alignment and geography. Specifically, he discusses and demonstrates how not understanding the meaning of classifications, awards, contracts and contract vehicle types used by Government agencies, can and will increase the level of effort required to find opportunities, delay the discovery of viable opportunities and decrease the odds of winning those opportunities when they are found.

  • Getting Started
  • What's This About and How Does It Impact Companies? (6min)
  • Eliminating Confusion (and Lack of Knowledge) About Classification Codes
  • How Much Do You Know About "Codes" Used In Purchasing?
  • What You Don't Know About Contracting and Procurement Codes (22min)
  • Testimonial: Justin Stuckart, Veterans4You, LLC
  • Quick Guide to Product and Service Codes in Government Contracting
  • Fact, Fiction and More About NAICS Codes sample
  • 542 Reasons to Change How You Use NAICS and PSC Codes
  • Comprehensive Reveal About Agreements, Contracts and Contract Vehicles
  • How Much Do You Know About Contract Types Used by Agencies?
  • What You Don't Know About Contracts and Agreements (30min)
  • When ‘Things’ Are Not What They Seem and Connecting Those Dots.
  • 8 Ways Companies Win $250,000 in Federal Contracts sample
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