Mining for Gold in FPDS-NG (ezSearch) (FPDS-ez)

Competitive Intelligence (CI) Essentials™


This course provides a substantive look at understanding and using the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation ezSearch tool for Marketing, Business Development, and Capture Management. Registration includes access to the course content for 21 calendar days from the date of registration.

NOTE: This course includes a lecture-style presentation on why and how to leverage the Federal Procurement Data System ezSearch tool and video tutorials excerpted from our 9-week Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp for Government Contractors training. In some of the tutorials you will hear references to other segments that preceded this program. Interested in learning more about CI Launch Pad, CI Bootcamp and our other programs? Feel free to check out the course catalog!

  • Mining for Gold in FPDS-NG
  • Welcome to Mining for Gold in FPDS-NG! (1min) sample
  • What Are We Mining For? (4min)
  • Why Mine in FPDS-NG? (3min)
  • What Can We Hope to Find in FPDS-NG? (6min)
  • Avoiding Shiny Objects (8min)
  • How Does This Help With Finding and Winning Contracts? Subcontracts? (3min)
  • Fundamentals for Mining ezSearch (6min)
  • Strike Information Gold? Here's How to Make It Work For You. (7min)
  • Introduction to FPDS-NG
  • Begin Your Understanding of FPDS-NG (7min)
  • Welcome to the ezSearch!
  • Introduction to the FPDS-NG ezSearch (4min)
  • ezSearch Primary Query Features
  • ezSearch: Search Criteria and Recent Searches Fields (3min)
  • ezSearch: Main Search Result Properties (8min)
  • ezSearch: Sort and Filter by Top Departments, Agencies and Vendors (7min)
  • ezSearch Advanced Query Features
  • ezSearch: Advanced Query Features (6min)
  • EzSearch Terminology
  • ezSearch: Terminology (6min)
  • FPDS ezSearch Data Element Mapping
  • Exploiting ezSearch Data
  • ezSearch: Contract Action Report (CAR) (9min)
  • Before You Leave...
  • Tell Us What You Thought (Response Requested)
  • Thank You!
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  • All units must be completed